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Substack Substack makes it simple for a writer to start an email newsletter that makes money from subscriptions. Jas is learning to trade forex (FX) I feel I’ve had a wake-up call this week with my trading. Last week, I executed my first trades based on my own markups. I was 3/3. I was pretty happy. But then, just look at a snapshot from this week: Why subscribe? - Reporting by Matt Taibbi Subscribe now and get full access to regular news, features, columns, and creative writing by award-winning reporter and author Matt Taibbi, as well as the already-published Hate Inc.:How, And Why, The Press Makes Us Hate One Another and The Business Secrets of Drug Dealing. Day #31... and what's next? - Jas is learning to trade ...

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Bernie Sanders Condemns Trump for Putting US on Path to ... Jan 03, 2020 Newsfeed engine for the open web - Serendeputy Newsfeed engine for the open web. Organize the links coming through your Twitter feed by site, topic and tweeter. Learn more about Serendeputy. 3250 Share this article (can edit before sending) Danes and Czechs say easing lockdowns has produced no Covid-19 surge

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It’s the last day of my month-long endeavour to track, daily, my progress with learning FX. Truth be told, a month has flown by, fast. However, I am pleased with my commitment and how strong a start I’ve made to this journey. Felix and Derek discuss the Trump administration's assassination of Qasem Soleimani and what it means for the future of the region and US foreign policy. Subscribe to Derek's newsletter here

Hi everyone. If you've been staying on top of things at then you know I've moved to a new internet home at Substack ('ve also changed the name of my blog/newsletter to Foreign Exchanges. Rather than waste hours of my life jumping through Facebook's hoops on the hope they'll let me rebrand this page, I've created a new page for the new site (

25 Best Charles V And Algiers 1541 Images Ottoman Turks Pope This 16th-century corsair was the most feared pirate of the Out of Left Field - SoundCloud Today the crew talks about BC politics and reviews the performance of the milquetoast BC NDP / Green Party government. We discuss their overall failure to deliver social democracy, dragging their feet on a $15/hour minimum wage, the LNG development up north that will annihilate our greenhouse gas emissions targets, the Unist'ot'en blockade and other protests, the implementation of ride sharing The Age of Napoleon Podcast - Bra podcast - 100 populära ... The Age of Napoleon is a history podcast about the life and career of Napoleon Bonaparte as well as the general context of Europe between the early eighteenth and early nineteenth century.

Derek Davison - Writer/Publisher - Foreign Exchanges ... » GUEST POST: Tajikistan Between a Tyrant and the Taliban. One of the features I enjoyed the most at my old site was our guest commentary series, so I’m very excited to continue that feature here at Substack. In fact, today we’re really continuing a series within a series, with the third entry in Zack Kramer The Michael Brooks Show Follow The Michael Brooks Show and crew on twitter: @TMBSfm @_michaelbrooks @mattlech @davidgriscom @davidslavick We won't beat the GOP with half-measures & we cannot compromise on M4A. Shoutout to Abby Martin (@AbbyMartin) for standing up against for her right to free speech and the rights of Palestinians. Best Out of Left Field Podcasts | Most Downloaded Episodes May 31, 2020 Foreign Exchanges. Lefty perspectives on international affairs to help you get smarter about the world. Policy analyst Derek Davison brings you news and analysis of global events in a daily newsletter and weekly podcast.

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